Monday, February 27, 2012


Do you find yourself, as C.S. Lewis writes, with no comfortable place in this world?  But what does that really look like, feel like?  

The circumstances of the writer's world do not match mine exactly (like home school - ppffft, truly not my gifting and I'd never try it), but the itchy-ness of her spirit, the dis-satisfaction that she's not where she is meant to be...that certainly feels oh-so-too-familiar.

Now let me be transparent here, all restlessness is not a bad thing.  It can drive us to achieve, move forward.  An inventor, researcher, or entrepreneur has a restlessness that propels him or her to discover the cure for cancer, or to design a new product.  This is not a negative.  

But that uncomfortable place deep in the recesses of your heart, that is what this is addressing.

I was reading, nodding and saying YES YES to this Blog.   The message here is precious.  Read, enjoy, and I pray it will help soothe the twitchiness, at least for a moment.

A probable explanation:    

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