Monday, September 26, 2011

Trash to Treasure: A Biz-Dev Renovation.

The business development (Biz Dev) process is also one of transformation.  Successfully executed, a Biz Dev plan contains this renovation element:  to drive growth for your company and to help your clients execute their own growth or optimization blueprint.

Renovation is a complex and sometimes arduous process.   A project which at face value appears to be a simple demo and rebuild process may actual contain a multitude of unknown obstacles and setbacks hidden beneath the ‘drywall’.  Even the most carefully thought out blueprint cannot possibly take into account all of the unknown factors, many of which can bog down your progress and exponentially increase your costs and timeline to completion.

The process of a Biz Dev renovation can be mind-bending.   So, what are some critical steps?

  • The Design:  Your Strategic Blueprint
  • Demolition:  Moving Walls
  • Rock Solid Foundation:  Sales People
  • Call the Plumber:  Laying the Pipeline
  • Basic Carpentry:  Your Value Proposition
  • Proper Insulation:  Preventing Leaks
  • Finish Work:  Close the Deal
  • Inspection:  Level Set
  • Maintenance:  Ongoing KPIs

Any seasoned trade professional will tell you, “Measure twice, cut once!”  In this occasional series, I'll touch on some of the basic block and tackle strategies for a successful Biz Dev renovation.

Question for my Readers:  What business renovation topics would you like to see addressed in this series?  In other words, “What’s keeping you up at night?”

Photo Courtesy of  Rebecca Thienes,

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