Friday, September 16, 2011

FRIDAY TIDBIT - Avoid stupid voicemail delays

I posted a very open-ended business question on some of my linked in forums today - mostly to see what interesting topical threads might be on folks minds this Friday.  I think, so far, my favorite comment was posted by 
Michael A Brown, President at BtoBEngage, about the cumulative waste of time standard voice mail messages and prompts are for all of us.
Press 1 for heartburn,
Press 2 for headaches,
Press 3 for wasted time....

Michael says, "...let's delete the "Your call is very important" and "I'm away from my desk or on the phone." We know that, dude! That's why we reached your phone mail!  Imagine the time savings and aggravation avoidance we would enjoy!"

I completely agree with Michael regarding voice mail messages and the series of prompts we have to navigate through just to leave a short message to request our friend/family/colleague calls us back.  Each individual wastes a cumulative average of 3-hours per year being held hostage by these messages*.  

So in the interest of every person that gets heartburn from the barrage of voice mail prompts and messages, this NYTimes article from today provides helpful tips on how to bypass messages and thus reclaim a portion of the lost hours ripped from our lives by the carriers.

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